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Our prices are super simple. We make it quick and easy for you to edit, write or translate texts for websites, documents, reports, social media storage, etc. All texts are sent to our quality team before we send them to you.


Payment per assignment
Depending on your needs
Simply create a task on our platform.
One of our editors will take the task and then we send you the corrected version directly to your mailbox.
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DKK 499 per month
Excluding vat
Everything from Basic!
+ You don't have to write your information every single time because we store your information in your company profile.
+ You avoid getting your administration overworked as you only receive one single invoice for all tasks each month.


DKK 30.000 per month
excluding vat
Everything from Basic and Professional!
+ We screen and train editors with exactly the skills you need, so they know and will use your communication guidelines to the fingertips.
+ We organize and make templates to suit your needs.

When we deliver your projects, our prices are fixed and transparent

Forstå konceptet på 30 sek.

Every job is different, but our prices are fixed. We have established a price list, where the following factors affect the price of each assignment: 1) Which product you choose (see below), 2) What format you want the assignment in and 3) how many words the assignment is.

We will correct grammar, punctuation & typing errors

Forstå konceptet på 30 sek.

We thoroughly review your material, correct spelling and typing errors and ensure that the grammar is flawless. Then we will send the corrected material directly to your mailbox, ready for use.

Grammar check

Kr. 0,22 per word
We will correct grammar and punctuation.
We will send you the corrected version directly to your mailbox.
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Let us write your texts

Forstå konceptet på 30 sek.

We can write your material. If you need a text for a blog post, an email, a flyer, etc., just send us all the relevant information (length, audience, platform, etc.) and we will send you an original written text, quickly and ready to use.


Kr. 1,60 per word
Exclusive vat
We will write a text from scratch based on your guidelines.
We will send it directly to your e-mail.
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We translate your texts

Forstå konceptet på 30 sek.

We have skilled translators who are ready to help translate your material. You just have to tell us which language you want your text translated into, and whether there are any special considerations (a large amount of professional terms etc.) we should keep in mind. Then you will soon have a fully translated and quality-proof text ready in your mailbox, ready to be used.


Kr. 1,62 per word
excluding vat
We will translate your material
We will send you the corrected version
directly to your mailbox.
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We ensure the highest quality

It's incredibly important that the quality is top notch, whether your material is for your boss, business partners or customers. We make every effort to ensure that you and your company always get the best quality. We do this through our skilled editors and through our strict quality team.

"Imagine, if we can be the ones who give businesses more time, less inconveniences and a lot more energy to other (and more important) tasks, because we are improving business processes that can be made so much more efficient and much smarter."

Jakob Pindstrup

CEO, Co-founder, cand.scient.soc.

"I know that in order to build succesful businesses, you need to be great to prioritize your time and your efforts. At the same time, a professional look is alfa and omega. I truly believe that we have created a game changer for the everyday of businesses."

Jakob Dalhoff

CIO, Co-founder, MSc Finance & Accounting

"If you want to appear super reliable to your customers, you need to act professional. Time is pressing all of us, which means that we need to think of clever solutions. GoEdit is closing the hole - and that is necessary."

Tenna von Cappeln

CCO, Co-founder, cand.scient.soc.

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