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We have made it super easy for you to get your texts proofread, fast and easy. A correct text gives a professional impression of you and the company that you are representing.

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We will correct grammar and punctuation.
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Send us your text

You have written an important draft, say for an email, a job posting or the draft for a flyer.

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We will send your text back to you within 3 hours when you order on weekdays between 8:00 and 20:00.

Get a grammar check on your texts

With GoEdit you can get all types of texts proofread. We read your texts through and correct them for any errors. Virtually everybody makes mistakes occasionally, therefore we recommend that you get professionals to see your work through. This also means that you can save time so you can focus on your business.

We know from studies that correct texts sell more products

Studies show that customers, in fact, do notice written errors. Even though you may not notice mistakes yourself, studies show that customers are not happy about it.

  • 43% are repelled by language errors
  • 34% think that correct spelling is sexy

The credibility of your business simply drops if your texts are wrong. Readers are repelled by mistakes because it makes them question whether you are truly professional when you are sending them texts full of mistakes. Perhaps your work is generally filled with mistakes if you have not corrected them yourself or have gotten others to do it for you?

What is a grammar check?

Like me, you may remember your teacher's red marks in your school assignments. But do you remember how many different kinds of mistakes there could be? Our editors do not change your content or rewrite the text in a proofreading. If you wish, you can further purchase this service. In a proofreading, our editors correct, as needed, all the errors that may be:

  • Linguistic errors
  • Grammatical errors
  • Comma mistakes
  • Consistent writing style

Linguistic and grammatical errors

A linguistic error may be that you have written 'headed' when you actually meant 'head'. It can also be a grammatical error, such as when you type 'two runing goats' instead of the correct 'two running goats'. A linguistic error can also be when a sentence is structured in a way that does not make sense or gives a different meaning than your intention.

Comma mistakes

Comma mistakes are a challenge for many, and it is understandable as neither Danish or English comma have ever been very easy. We always use grammatical commas, because we think it makes texts more understandable in general. At the same time, it is a way in which we can be consistent in our editorial work. This means that our editors always follow the same guidelines. Furthermore, it is a quality assurance of our work.

Consistent writing style

A text becomes more understandable when it is tightened up. At the same time, proofreading can elevate the text to a higher level so that it becomes continuous e.g. by consistency with a particular spelling of the same word (which may have different correct spellings). For example, it might be when you type 'fx' and another place is typing 'for example'. Both options are linguistic correct, but in order to have a correct text, it is necessary to be continuous, i.e. consistent with your choices. The same applies when you type 'man' in one place, writes 'I' in another, and then later address the reader as 'you'.

Do you want us to proofread your texts?

Do you want to have flawless texts and thus appear more professional in your readers' eyes? Doesn't your organization have time to proofread everything that is going to be put on social media, written in an email to customers and collaborators, etc. within a reasonable timeframe? Then you can easily send us your text. Our skilled editors will then immediately start editing it.

We can also write, translate or rewrite your text

Our skilled editors can also write or translate a text for you according to your wishes. We can write an original text from scratch directly after your instructions and addressed to the ones you want. We can rewrite your existing texts so that they communicate in the very best way to your recipient or our proficient translators can translate your text from one language to another. All texts going through GoEdit will be sent to our quality team before we send them back to you.

We will correct grammar, punctuation & typing errors

Forstå konceptet på 30 sek.

We thoroughly review your material, correct spelling and typing errors and ensure that the grammar is flawless. Then we will send the corrected material directly to your mailbox, ready for use.

Grammar check

Kr. 0,22 per word
We will correct grammar and punctuation.
We will send you the corrected version directly to your mailbox.
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We are always happy to hear from you - and there is always a real person at the other end of the line. You are welcome to write to us if you have any questions or are in doubt about anything. You can use the chat function on this page or call us directly.

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We ensure the highest quality

It's incredibly important that the quality is top notch, whether your material is for your boss, business partners or customers. We make every effort to ensure that you and your company always get the best quality. We do this through our skilled editors and through our strict quality team.

"Imagine, if we can be the ones who give businesses more time, less inconveniences and a lot more energy to other (and more important) tasks, because we are improving business processes that can be made so much more efficient and much smarter."

Jakob Pindstrup

CEO, Co-founder, cand.scient.soc.

"I know that in order to build succesful businesses, you need to be great to prioritize your time and your efforts. At the same time, a professional look is alfa and omega. I truly believe that we have created a game changer for the everyday of businesses."

Jakob Dalhoff

CIO, Co-founder, MSc Finance & Accounting

"If you want to appear super reliable to your customers, you need to act professional. Time is pressing all of us, which means that we need to think of clever solutions. GoEdit is closing the hole - and that is necessary."

Tenna von Cappeln

CCO, Co-founder, cand.scient.soc.

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