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We have made it super simple for you to get your texts rewritten, easily and quickly. A clear and well-formulated text gives a professional impression of you and the company that you represent.

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We will go through your material and make sure that everything is clear and comprehensible.
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All we need is your draft

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You just send us the draft that you want to get rewritten. You can tell us what guidelines to follow, what target group you are writing to or what tone you want the text to be in. We will revise the text and send the finished material back to you.

Step 1, Send dit udkast
Step 1

Send us your text

You have written an important draft, say for an email, a job posting or a draft for a flyer.

Step 2, GoEdit redigerer
Step 2

We will rewrite it

You upload your draft, and tell us how we should revise the text. We will start immediately.

Step 3, Materialet leveres til dig
Step 3


We will send your text back to you within 3 hours when you order on weekdays between 8:00 and 16:00.

Get your texts rewritten

With us, you can get all kinds of texts rewritten. For example, if you have written a newsletter or an important email to your customers, you can send us your draft, with relevant information about your target group, and the message you want to get through. Based on this information, we will use our expertise and experience in communication, to rewrite your text so that it is as understandable as possible to your recipient, and so you can best get your message through. We work specifically to communicate clearly in everything we write.

Clearly communicated texts sell more products

Whether we like it or not, it is a fact that clearly communicated texts are extremely important when you are in contact with your customers. Many people find it difficult to adapt their written communication to different audiences, or they tend to ignore their own expert knowledge. They forget to think about what things that important and necessary to go further into, and which aren’t when they write about their products. If your text appears to be messy, inconceivable, inconsistent or not explaining important terms, there is a high risk of potential customers being confused and giving up on your product in advance. Intelligent and clear communication gives customers a better overview of your product, while it also indicates that you are 100% in control of your business.

Do your readers care about linguistic details?

If you are unsure whether rewriting will affect your credibility in the eyes of your reader, you should consider making an A / B split-test on the text you are writing. For example, it can be your website, a text for an advertisement or a newsletter. Let's write a text and measure the response to our draft, compared to the existing text. That way, you can measure whether your readers notice and change their behavior in a positive direction, based on the rewriting. You may get more readers or more conversions. Consider in what way you best can measure the difference.

The best-optimized SEO texts are clear and easy to read

Particularly on your website, clear and readable texts are crucial. This is because a website is considered the digital world's brochure. As a business, you should put serious effort into your website. If your text is badly organized, inconsistent or just not appealing to your audience, it is harder for Google's algorithms to match it to the right search. If many people quickly turn away from your website (high bounce rate), Google will lower the rank that your website has on the big SEO lists. Previously it has been possible to write website texts that only contained one chosen keyword several times, then your website would be ranked high. Today, it is actually weighted higher the longer your readers are on your website. This is how advanced Google's algorithms are today.

What is rewriting?

When one of our editors rewrite a text, they will naturally hold on to its essence, so that the content will remain the same. Nevertheless, you can tell us if you want a specific tone in the text, or if you want to have sections swapped around. We will tighten up your text so that it will appear much sharper and more professional than before. When our editors rewrite a text, they will especially focus on these points:

  • Readability
  • Clarity
  • The visual impression
  • Communication for specific target groups
  • Variation and tightening

Readability and clarity

Readability and clarity are mostly about how to set up your text in the best way possible. A long block of single-spaced body text provides a less readable text, than a text, which is divided into points with a lot of space between them. In addition, it is important that the readability index of your text isn’t higher than necessary. Technical terms can already confuse your customers, so it is important that all other texts are easy to understand.

The visual impression

The visual expression means a lot for a text. If your first customer sees a messy and disorganized text, an ugly font or an inconsistent format, it may scare them away before they have even read it. We will ensure that the text is clear with headlines and pointers, ensuring that the overall setup is in place and your customers will get a great first impression!

Communicating with specific target groups

It can be difficult to know your audience well enough to effortlessly write a text aimed at them. However, we are trained in such tasks and have a lot of experience in communicating with different audiences and clients. Therefore, we'll check out how best to address your customers or the ones you want to have, and we'll make sure to use the words and phrases that best will get them on the hook.

Variation and tightening

When we rewrite, we also make sure to replace some of your words with synonyms, i.e. words of the same meaning. In this way, the language becomes more fluid and more interesting. An example may be that instead of writing 'like' ten times in the same newsletter, write 'as' or 'in other words'.

Do you want us to rewrite your text?

Do you want to have clear and well-formulated texts, in order to appear more professional in your readers' eyes? Is your organization too busy to go into detail in everything that has to be put on social media, written in an email to customers and collaborators, etc. within a reasonable timeframe? Then you can easily send us your text. Our skilled editors will immediately start rewriting, based your needs.

We can also write or translate your text

Our skilled editors can also write or translate a text for you according to your wishes. You can choose to get an original text written, based on your instructions, and for the platform that you want, or one of our proficient translators can translate your text from one language to another. All texts going through GoEdit will be proofread and sent to our quality team before we send them back to you.

We will rewrite your text, tighten it up and make it easier to read

Forstå konceptet på 30 sek.

We will rewrite and correct your text to make it clear and understandable for your recipients. We target the text directly to your audience, ensuring that all misunderstandings and clumsy formulations are avoided. Then we will send the text directly to your e-mail, so it is ready for use.


Kr. 0,45 per word
Excluding vat
We will go through your material and make sure that everything is clear and comprehensible.
We will send you the corrected version directly to your mailbox.
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It's incredibly important that the quality is top notch, whether your material is for your boss, business partners or customers. We make every effort to ensure that you and your company always get the best quality. We do this through our skilled editors and through our strict quality team.

"Imagine, if we can be the ones who give businesses more time, less inconveniences and a lot more energy to other (and more important) tasks, because we are improving business processes that can be made so much more efficient and much smarter."

Jakob Pindstrup

CEO, Co-founder, cand.scient.soc.

"I know that in order to build succesful businesses, you need to be great to prioritize your time and your efforts. At the same time, a professional look is alfa and omega. I truly believe that we have created a game changer for the everyday of businesses."

Jakob Dalhoff

CIO, Co-founder, MSc Finance & Accounting

"If you want to appear super reliable to your customers, you need to act professional. Time is pressing all of us, which means that we need to think of clever solutions. GoEdit is closing the hole - and that is necessary."

Tenna von Cappeln

CCO, Co-founder, cand.scient.soc.

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