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All we need is the original text

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You easily send us the text in its original language and let us know which language to translate it in. We give the task to one of our great editors, who are experts in that language!

Step 1, Send dit udkast
Step 1

Send us your text in the original language

You have written an important draft, say for an email, a
job posting or a draft for a flyer. Now you need to get it translated.

Step 2, GoEdit redigerer
Step 2

We translate

You upload your draft, and tell us in what language you need it. We will start immediately.

Step 3, Materialet leveres til dig
Step 3


We will send your text back to you within 3 hours when you order on weekdays between 8:00 and 16:00.

Get your texts translated

You can get all types of texts translated with GoEdit. We will translate your text and make sure there is nothing missing in the translation. You get a perfectly translated text that is correct in terms of both grammar and meaning. This ensures you a professional translated text. In that way, you can save time and concentrate on you and your business.

Correctly translated texts create credibility

There may be several reasons why you may need to translate your company's texts. Whatever the reason, it's extremely important that your translation is correct. You may risk losing your message in the translation or that the meanings are changed so much that they get a new, unfortunate sentence. The credibility of your business may simply fall if your translated texts are wrong. Therefore it is very important that your text is translated correctly and by a professional.

What is translation?

If you have ever tried to translate a text, you know just how many challenges there can be in doing this task. Not only do you need to translate the text into another language, but you should also make sure that the grammar is correct and that it contains the same meaning and the same message as the original text. When our editors translate a text, they always keep the purpose of the text in mind, and they focus on:

  • Correct language
  • Same message
  • Keep the tone
  • Variation and idiomatically correctness

Correct language

It can be difficult enough to be write correct in your own language, but when you translate, the challenge only gets bigger. When you translate, there is a great risk of spelling out the foreign words incorrectly. It can both give a really bad impression on the recipient, but you can also risk that the mistakes turn to other words, and so your text suddenly makes no sense. Avoid mistakes like these by getting a professional to translate your texts.

Same message

When a text is to be translated, it is important that it is done in a way so it doesn't lose its message. However, it can sometimes be difficult to find out which of the foreign words will ensure the best translation in terms of getting the same message and meaning. When our professional editors translate your text, they make sure to choose the words that give the same meaning as the original. In this way, your message is not lost in the translation.

Keep the tone

Another thing that can get lost when you translate a text is its tone. However, it can actually mean a great deal that your text has a certain tone, which fits and suits your customers and your target audience. When our editors translate your text, they always make sure to keep the tone of the text.

Variation and idiomatically correctness

A living and varied language also makes a living text. Therefore, our editors make sure to vary the language when they translate your text, so it doesn't get flat and boring. At the same time, it is also very important that the text is translated so that it is idiomatically correct. This means that our translators make sure that the sentences are someone that people would actually use in the second language. It ensures you a professional and good text.

Do you want us to translate your text?

Do you want to have the best-translated texts and thus appear more professional in your readers' eyes? Does your organization not have time to translate everything to social media, messages in an email to customers and collaborators, etc. within a reasonable timeframe? Then you can easily send us your text. Our skilled editors will immediately start translating it.

We can also write your texts from scratch

Our skilled editors can also write your texts from scratch, exactly according to your and your business needs. When an editor writes a text, they do it based on your description and criteria. They write it based on the purpose of the text and its context, so you get the perfect text to suit your request. That way you save a lot of time while getting a text specially tailored for your business.

We translate your texts

Forstå konceptet på 30 sek.

We have skilled translators who are ready to help translate your material. You just have to tell us which language you want your text translated into, and whether there are any special considerations (a large amount of professional terms etc.) we should keep in mind. Then you will soon have a fully translated and quality-proof text ready in your mailbox, ready to be used.


Kr. 1,62 per word
excluding vat
We will translate your material
We will send you the corrected version
directly to your mailbox.
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We ensure the highest quality

It's incredibly important that the quality is top notch, whether your material is for your boss, business partners or customers. We make every effort to ensure that you and your company always get the best quality. We do this through our skilled editors and through our strict quality team.

"Imagine, if we can be the ones who give businesses more time, less inconveniences and a lot more energy to other (and more important) tasks, because we are improving business processes that can be made so much more efficient and much smarter."

Jakob Pindstrup

CEO, Co-founder, cand.scient.soc.

"I know that in order to build succesful businesses, you need to be great to prioritize your time and your efforts. At the same time, a professional look is alfa and omega. I truly believe that we have created a game changer for the everyday of businesses."

Jakob Dalhoff

CIO, Co-founder, MSc Finance & Accounting

"If you want to appear super reliable to your customers, you need to act professional. Time is pressing all of us, which means that we need to think of clever solutions. GoEdit is closing the hole - and that is necessary."

Tenna von Cappeln

CCO, Co-founder, cand.scient.soc.

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