We have strict security requirements


It is important for us that you and your company's safety are on top! That's why we carefully take care of your information.

We protect your information

At GoEdit, safety is important! We take great care of the information and materials that you share with us, and therefore we are both careful and fully confidential.


When we deal with your or your company's information and materials, we are always 100% confidential. Of course, we always live up to the latest legislation in the area. It also means that we never share your information with anyone outside the company. Therefore, it does not come out to anyone else that you have used us. Of course, unless you yourselves want to pass on a recommendation!


The material or texts that you share with us are always perfectly safe in our hands. When it comes to security, we will of course always be up to the latest legislation. We take good care of both the submitted material and the edited ones, which also mean that if you should lose the edited material that we have sent you, just quickly contact us, and we will send it back. This gives you the best security and the greatest collaboration between your company and GoEdit.

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